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“After the Feast” by Mark Dumbleton. A Lioness covered in blood from a recently killed Giraffe comforts her cub after having feasted on the kill. Kruger National Park, South Africa

A lioness in a cage
will thrash and resist.
She will struggle against
the metal shackles
around her neck.

A lioness behind bars
will pace, anxious
for the freedom she
hasn’t forgotten, but that
is fading with each quickened pant.

It would be a mistake
to see this being, see her
dangerous snarl and
claws, ready to tear,
and use this evidence as
justification for her imprisonment.

Instead, see the lioness free,
see her surrounded by her
pride. See her face, covered
with blood, ready to protect,
ready to comfort, ready to provide.
See her strong and fierce and know that
fear of her is why she is caged.

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